Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Deep Stack Challenge Continues Tomorrow

Fear not grinders, there is one more day of deep stack action here at the Borgata Poker Room.

The Deep Stack Challenge Series culminates with the $350 + $50 Deepest Stack NLH RE on Saturday (5/17). The cards will again be in the air at 11 AM and players will start with the "deepest" stack offered, 40,000 in chips.

This has been Will O'Connor brining you the deep stacked action all day from the Borgata Poker Room. On behalf of the everyone at the Borgata Poker Blog and our amazing photographer Mario, thanks for following! We hope to see you at the tables soon!

JJ Wang Crowned Champion of the Deepest Stack Challenge Tournament

JJ Wang (East Brunswick, NJ) is our "official" $260 + $40 Deepest Stack Challenge Champion.

The chip leader throughout much of the later rounds, JJ used his aggressive pre-flop play to outlasted a field of 190 runners to take down the 5th Deep Stack Challenge of the week in the Borgata Poker Room. 

JJ described the run as an "up and down and up and down" ride, although most of his "downs" were not that extreme. He also congratulated the other players that made the final 4 for their great play throughout the day. 

Matthew Roth (Hatfield, PA) finished in 2nd. 

"Phil" finished in 3rd.

And Fritz Stoner (Lancaster, PA) finished in 4th. 

We're Chopping

The players have decided that after over 12 hours of play, the final 4 will split close to $30,000 in prize money.

Break and Chop Talk

We're on break and talking a chop of the remaining prize pool. After Fritz's AQ doubled through Matt's A4, the chip stacks for all 4 players are very similar.

Stay tuned...

Phil Doubles Through Roth

After a few raise and takes from the big stacks, Phil finally took his stand.

Unfortunately, he got it in with the worst of it as Matt called his 1 million chip all-in with AJ, dominating Phil's QJ.

But, the sweat was on as the flop was 1096, Phil needed a K or an 8 for his straight and he got it on the turn. But, now he was sweating as the 8 of diamonds put a potential flush on board, but he dodged the 4th diamond and doubled up.

Phil, JJ and Matt are now all within 300K in chips of each other, with our 4th player Fritz, doing what he's done for the last 2 hours or so, waiting patiently...

Approaching Break

We are 4 handed at the Deep Stack Challenge Final Table and there are just under 15 minutes left until our next break.

Mystery Woman Eliminated

We've finally put a name to the face, as Cristina Tarca (Schwenksville, PA) was eliminated in 6th place. She shoved her pocket 9s into the over and flush draw of Matthew Roth on a flop of A45 with two clubs. Matt called with Q7 of clubs and hit the 6 of clubs on the turn to seal Cristina's fate.

Her finish gets her $2,396.

Almost immediately after her elimination we had another, with Alan Sansone (Toms River, NJ) who was short stacked earlier in the day and battled back to make the final table, was all-in with 2 callers. There was a A, Q and J present in the community and the players checked it down and Phil showed A7 to beat Alan's pocket 10s.

Alan finishes in 5th place, good for $2,875.

Big Stack Confrontation

It hasn't been very often that JJ Wang has not raked in the chips after a hand, but Matthew Roth, the other young player at our final table, just did what so many have tried and failed to do today.

After a pre-flop raise from JJ, they saw a flop of 1098 with two diamonds. JJ checked and Matt fired out a bet of 225K, JJ tanked and raised to 600K. Matt immediately shoved for close to 800K more and JJ sheepishly folded.

Matt then showed KK and is now into the top half of the Final Table chip count.

We just started Level 29 - 50000/100000 w/ 10000 ante and there are 6 players remaining.